The day i went to the Zoo

από | Δεκ 12, 2020

The day i went to the Zoo


Dear Mario,

How are you doing? I’m fine. I am writing this  letter to let you know about an amazing experience I had last month when I went to the zoo. Let me tell you about it.

To begin with summer is approaching and it is one of the most amazing seasons in Greece! So come without any delay! Here we can both go to the amusement park and even go to the theater! How about going to the center in Athens? Would you like to go to the archaeological museum? It is one of the best museums in Greece. Last but not least, we can go to the beach.

This time of the year the weather in Greece is hot and fresh. Make sure you bring your summer clothes,likes swim suit,as well as a sunscreen for the sun.

I had an amazing time. That’s all for now. Write back soon.




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