Summer holiday invitation

από | Δεκ 12, 2020

Summer holiday invitation


Dear Peter
It’d be a great if we could visit Naxos for
the holidays together.You may enjoy the
golden and crystal blue beaches with the
colourful umbrellas.We would also be able to
see some old graphic villages with traditional food
drinks and music.Also at night you can take
spectacular photos of the sky because it
is so dark you can even see galaxies surrounded
by stars just floating into the night sky.

I recommend you should bring mostly white t shirts
for the day along with sunscreen sunglasses sandals
shorts and a beach bag but for the night i believe you
should bring some dark colored hoodies because
at night the temperatures are dropping rapidly.

I hope you will accept my invitation. It will be a lot of
fun and you will have a great time.

John Chatzopoulos

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