Online Michigan Proficiency Course only for Adults

Online Michigan Proficiency Course only for Adults

Proficiency Masterclass by Vangelis Gogousis


You really want to improve your English and pass the Michigan Proficiency exam but you haven’t made up your mind yet! Do it now! Don’t do our course but take some action!


Don’t wait any longer because it will be too late! Start learning English as fast as possible because sooner or later you will get into trouble!


Take a look of some of the features of our online Michigan Proficiency Course in which I personally teach:

• Online Course
• Michigan Proficiency ECPE
• Adults only
• Every Tuesday and Thursday
• Time: 20:30 – 22:30
• Lessons start on 1st October and finish 31st May

Extra Features Provided Free of Charge

• ECPE Honors Video Course
• Video Library of All the Lessons
• Speaking e-book
• Exams e-book
• Speaking Webinar
• Speaking Partner
• Personal Coaching

Online Michigan Proficiency

… because I do not need to show off but I want to help my students to improve their English in general and their speaking in particular.


That’s exactly what happens in our Proficiency Masterclass Course


EVERYONE (and I mean both teachers and students) is in a positive frame of mind and we all help each other to have a really awesome lesson with a lot of speaking and a lot of fun!


By the way, this is the most essential part of the lesson – have fun and enjoy yourselves!

Online Michigan Proficiency

… and you are so clever that you are going to use your time in a creative way!


Start doing English as soon as possible!


Don’t take my course – it’s not even necessary to start a course, there 1000 different ways to improve your English…

YouTube is full of them.

Don’t waste your time – DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

Online Michigan Proficiency

You may wonder “Why is this course different?”


The answer is simple and goes beyond any features or teaching methods.

This course is different because we teach with a lot of LOVE and even more PASSION combined with EXPERIENCE and CREATIVITY.


I think that’s enough.

Online Michigan Proficiency

Teacher Presentation

Online Michigan Proficiency Course only for Adults

If you want any further details about me or our Proficiency Masterclass Course, don’t be afraid to call or text me and I will answer any questions you may have.


Don’t worry I will talk to you in Greek!


Landline: 2102139438

Mobile Phone & Viber: 6972737372


Messenger: @vangelis.gogousis

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