Kids and teenage celebrity

από | Δεκ 12, 2020

kids and teenage celebrity


Dear Jane,
I am writing to you in order to express my opinion about your recent decision to give up on your acting carrier, which I think is a huge mistake.
First of all, I think that acting has a future nowadays and is a really good job opportunity. If you continue focusing on it you might be a well-known actor all over the world, which will not only pay off with money and fame, but you will also be supported in any decision you make by millions of people worldwide.
Secondly, the opportunity that was given to you is really rare. I would personally keep focusing on that, as it is a job with a bright future, that many people would love to follow but did not have the chance. Also, being a normal teenager is something you can achieve, even if you are famous. Just stick on your carrier and do not forget that you are already being supported by a whole country.
I hope you find my opinion encouraging and helpful. Everything is on your hand and you are the only one who decides on what you will do with your life.
Yours truly,
Konstantinos Glynos

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