5 Different Ways to Say OK in English

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5 Different Ways to Say OK in English

Do you know other ways to say Okay in English? Okay, or OK is a very basic word of acceptance that we say to show our agreement.

We use ‘okay’ so often in English, that it gets really boring.

Today we’re going to look at some of the other ways to say Okay in English.


1. Sounds Good To Me

If we’re agreeing with somebody, we can swap Okay for sounds good to me

For example,

– I’m cooking fish with vegetables for dinner, is it okay with you?
-Sounds good to me.

2. Why Not

Here again, we use why not to express agreement.

-Let’s go out for an Italian tonight.
-Yes, why not?

3. My Thoughts Exactly

is another way of saying ‘I agree with you 100%.’ We use it when someone says something that was exactly like what another person was thinking.

For example,

– Don’t you think the movie was excellent?
– My thoughts exactly.

4. Okey-Dokey

This little phrase is an informal variant of okay. We use okey-dokey in the same way as okay to show that you agree to something, or that you want to start talking about something else or doing something else.

For example,

Let’s meet up for lunch on Sunday to discuss the details.

5. By all means

We can use by all means to say that you’re ok with something, you’re giving your permission.

meaning absolutely, certainly, without a doubt.

For example,

Can I come to your party on Friday?
Yes by all means.




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